Real. Good.

At The Way, we’re helping one another shift from being consumers of Christianity to becoming fully formed followers of Jesus Christ. We think we’ll need to move away from “What’s in it for me?” in four areas: busyness to rhythm, individualism to community, materialism to generosity, and indifference to compassion.


We’re learning to abandon busyness and embrace a rhythm that allows time for God and others.

  • Worship Gatherings
  • Life Groups
  • Volunteering at The Way
  • YouVersion


Individualism is so, well, lonely. We’re working toward being in authentic community with one another.

  • Life Groups
  • Way Youth


Materialism is toxic. As far as we’re concerned, generosity is the antidote.


Our society is largely indifferent toward the poor and marginalized. And we’re just not okay with that.